01 評估規劃
  • 模擬評估(中英數筆試+面試)
  • 《評估報告》
  • 升學日程規劃
02 遞交申請
  • 學生個人履歷
  • 自薦信/推薦信
  • 申請材料撰寫翻譯
03 日常培訓
  • 《培訓方案》及階段性跟進
  • 國際課程練習冊/模擬卷
04 考試特訓
  • 筆試部分:CAT4 / MAP / ISEE等
  • 面試部分:中英文模擬面試及面試技巧培訓
  • 學生及家長《面試常見問題》
05 參加考試
  • 安排入學試時間和考核方式
  • 面試結果跟進,撰寫求位信/感謝信
06 錄取註冊


Ⅰ Personal Identification

1. Introduce yourself in one minute. 請用一分鐘作自我介紹。
2. Briefly tell me who you are. 請簡單介紹一下你自己。
3. What is your strength? 你有什麼強項?
4. Do you have any special talents? 你有什麼特別技能嗎?
5. Do you have any weakness? 你有缺點嗎?
6. How do your friends usually describe you? 你的朋友通常會如何形容你?
7. Is there anything you have always wanted so badly? 你有非常想要的東西嗎?
8. Use three words to describe yourself. And explain why. 請用三個詞語形容自己,并解释为什么。
9. Do you prefer working as a team to working individually. Why? 你喜歡與別人合作還是獨立工作?為什麼?

Ⅱ Interests/hoobies & Talents

1. Do you have any interests/hobbies?/ What hobbies do you enjoy? 你有什么兴趣/爱好吗?/ 你有什么爱好吗?
2. Do you enjoy reading? And what kind of book do you like? 你喜欢阅读吗?/ 喜欢什么类型的书籍?
3. Can you introduce me a book? 可以介绍一本书给我吗?
4. Are you good at anything?/ What are you good at? 你擅长什么?
5. Do you like sports more than music? 比起音乐,你更喜欢运动吗?
6. Do you play any instruments? 你演奏任何乐器吗?
7. Tell me what you usually do at leisure. 请告诉我,你闲暇时一般做什么?
8. What books have you read in your free time during the past six months? 最近六个月,你读了什么书吗?
9. Please describe your interest in music/sports/art/other. 请简述你在音乐/运动/艺术/或其他方面的兴趣。
10. Describe an accomplishment of which you are very proud. 请简述让你自己感到非常自豪的成就。

Ⅲ Current School Life

1. Do you like your primary school?/How do you like your primary school? 你喜歡你的小學嗎?
2. What do you usually do during recess? 休息时,你通常會做些什麼呢?
3. Do you have a lot of friends at school? What do you do together? 你在學校朋友多嗎?你和朋友一起会做什么?
4. Are you good at studies? 你擅長讀書嗎?
5. Have you ever represented your school in any competitions before? 你曾代表學校參加比賽嗎?
6. Which subject do you like most? Why? 你最喜歡的科目是什麼?為什麼?
7. Which subjuct do you enjoy least? Why? 你最不喜欢什么科目?为什么?
8. Do you focus more on your studies than ECAs? 你專注於學習多於課外活動嗎?
9. What is your favorite activity? 你最喜欢的活动是什么?
10. Is it stressful to study in your current primary school? Why/Why not? 在你現時的小學讀書壓力大嗎?為什麼?
11. Who is your favorite teacher? Why? 你最喜歡的老師是誰?為什麼?
12. Tell me one thing that you dislike about your primary school? 請說出一項你對就讀小學不滿意的地方。
13. Do you have any questions to ask me regarding our school? 你有關於本校的問題想問嗎?

Ⅳ Family

1. Can you tell me about your family?/ Introduce your family briefly. 可以向我講一下你的家庭嗎?/簡單介紹一下你的家庭。
2. What does your parent do? 你父母是做什么的?
3. How does your parent communicate with you? 你父母如何与你沟通?
4. What are your regular responsibilities around the house? 你在家中的日常责任是什么?
5. What is your role in your family? 你在家长是什么角色?
6. How does your family spend the weekens/holidays? 你们家庭如何度过周末/假期?
7. Who do you like most in your family? Why? 在家中,你最喜欢谁?为什么?
8. Describe how does your parent support your learning/interests. 请简述你父母如何支持你的学习/兴趣
9. What makes you happy/unhappy in your family? 在家中,什么事情让你开心/不开心?
10. What do you like about your family? 你喜欢你们家的什么?